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Falcon 2000LX (2009)



    10 Pax.  Forward dual club with 20" seats,  aft lounge equipped with 4-place dining group with 2 ea. seats opposite. 3rd Flight deck ERDA crew Seat.


    Grey harmony, Townsend "Custom Mist" grey leather seats, Oak Burl high loss wood veneer Kalogridis "Split Carved Square" cabin carpeting, Satin nickel metal plating, "Hi-Lo" Dining Table. Galley pocket sliding door.



    Overall White with blue custom (waves) stripes. 

Year: 2009 | Total hours: 1798 | Total landings: 1491 | Total cycles: 1491 | Reg.: TC | SN: 193 | TTAF: 1798 | Location: France | Price: Upon Request

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    CAMP. Fresh“C” by Jet Aviation Basel . Aircarft Covered by manufacturer FalconCare program

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          #1 ENGINE : PCE-CF0420

          #2 ENGINE : PCE-CF0422

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  • GTCP36-150 (F2M) S/N P556 TSN : 1543 h MSP
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    Flight Display System Quad Honeywell EAsy 

    Flight Management System Dual Honeywell EAsy 

    Electronic Jeppesen Charts Honeywell EAsy

    Communication Management Function Easy/ VHF /SATCOM & Miltope Flight Deck Printer

    Electronic Flight Bag CMC CMA-1100 Pilot View (Pilot & Copilot)

    Data Acquisition & Central Maintenance Honeywell EAsy

    Enhanced GPWS Honeywell EAsy 

    Communication (VHF) Receiver Triple Honeywell TR-866B , triple AV 900 Control Panels

    VOR/ ILS/ Marker Dual Honeywell NV-875A

    HF Communication Dual Collins HF 9000 w/ Selcal

    Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) Dual Honeywell DM-855

    Automatic Direction Finder (ADF) Dual Honeywell DF 855

    Global Positioning System (GPS) Dual Honeywell

    Air Traffic Controller Dual Honeywell XS-857A (Mode S)

    TCAS II ACSS TCAS 3000 (version 7.1)

    Inertial Reference System (MIRU) Triple Honeywell Laseref V

    Weather Radar Honeywell Primus 880

    Radar Altimeter Dual Honeywell RT-300

    Lightning Sensor System Honeywell LSS-860

    Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) Honeywell SSVR (120 minutes)

    Flight Data Recorder (FDR) Honeywell SSFDR

    Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) Quick Access Recorder ELTA ADT-406

    Iridium SATCOM  -  Axxess II

    Airshow 410

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  •  ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT: Entertainment: One Dual DVD player with 1 ea. IR remote control, 1 ea. 20" LCD monitor, 4 ea. Rosen 8.4” LCD plug-in monitors with 4 ea. receptacles, 10 ea. Bose noise reduction headsets. -

  • Galleys

    1 ea. Hot Cup, 1 ea Nespresso Coffee Machine, 1 ea. Xtra wide High Temp Oven, 1 ea. 2000VA, 230 VAC 50HZ converter power with 9 outlets. - Emergency: 2 ea. Life Rafts (9 persons). 3 EROS Full faceO. masks, 115Cu Ft enlarged O. bottle. - Lights: 2 vertical fin Teleflex recognition lights, EMTEQ LED lighting. - Misc: secondary flight display. Telescopic Tow Bar, increased MTOW SB, Securaplane Ultra Light system (Belly and Fin cameras), Main Batteries charging from APU.

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  • CAMP. Fresh“C” by Jet Aviation Basel.